How good is Kaspersky for Small Businesses?

Kaspersky is the best antivirus software for your business. Now, the question rises how good it is for your small businesses. In this post, we will focus on some of its features and benefits through which it provides 100% protection to your business. It is highly effective in providing comprehensive protection while you work. It comes with a version, “Kaspersky Small Office Security” that is developed for business and can run on 5 to 50 computers, mobile devices, and some servers. We can say, it works greatly out-of-the-box and can be easily managed from one simple to use cloud-based console. If you have this security software then there is no need to use any other security tools or monitor security from any connected device you select.

It has been specifically developed to safeguard from online attacks, data loss, ransomware, and threats. It is ideal for small offices that focus on growing their incomes while having peace of mind about IT security with protection which is reasonable and authentic. You can know more by just calling on Kaspersky Support Number UK. Kaspersky Small Office combines the simplicity of the personal computer with outstanding capabilities to keep your business secure and safe while the employees are working.

It supports:

• Mac Desktops and laptops
• Windows Desktops and laptops
• Android smartphones and tablets
• Windows-based file servers


Protect you while working:

It is a perfect security solution that doesn’t need your attention and makes you free to focus on your business priorities. It safeguards your employees without disturbing them with any notifications or messages so that they can work flawlessly.

Protection against Ransomware for Negligent Employees:

Even if any staff has followed a malicious link or ransomware tries to encrypt the work files then a backup copy of the unencrypted file is created automatically for you to restore these things.

Prevent Account Takeover Fraud:

Password Manager secures and stores all your passwords as well as valuables files around all the devices you are using and you only have to remember one password. Get notified if your file server has not a strong password just like 1234 or if your password has not been modified for a long time.

Avoid online Frauds and Scams:

Additional security layers will help to safeguard the thieves that might steal your organizations’ money. One you access banking or shopping websites, the unique Safe Money technology examines that the websites are safe and secure and make sure that the site is reliable before opening it in a special and protected mode.

Simple Web Portal:

As a business solution, Kaspersky Small Office Security has a dedicated portal for your simplicity, where you can examine your license status as well as expiration date and see the devices protected and then send a support request if you require any help.

Securely transfer and store important files:

Backup and encryption technologies safeguard your sensitive data from breaks and holes and fines and lost business. Data vault provides you an additional layer of security with password-protected storage on your device to keep the sensitive data away from fraud.

Secure Internet, privacy, and Email:

Protect against attempts to hack your business data and network by blocking malicious sites. It also blocks the suspicious download, filter out phishing emails as well as malicious attachments. Find for and delete for unsafe and unwanted browser extensions and safeguard your privacy with the special “do not track” functionality.

Safe Windows File Server:

Guard Windows file servers against crypto lockers and ransomware: System Examiner helps to detect and blocks malicious activity and also allows the rollback of malicious actions. Software updater gives a list of advanced updated available for installed applications, making it easy to remove outdated or unused system data.

These are few things that are included in Kaspersky Small Business through which it safeguards your business against threats, ransomware and any fraud. Call on Kaspersky Help Number UK for instant help from the technicians. The teams are always there to help you and to answer your queries.