A Brief note on Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free provides all of the Kaspersky’s malware-fighting technology, fewer some of the frills and bonus features. It doesn’t cost anything, and independent checking labs provide its security excellent marks. It is an Editors’ Choice for antivirus security. In this guide, we will focus on the benefits and features that come with Kaspersky Security Cloud Free through which it provides comprehensive protection.

A Brief note on Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Benefit from personalized security:

• Find out if the private account data is leaked and get a suggestion on what to do next
• Get notification in the real-time if an unknown application attempts to connect to your mic or webcam
• Also, get personalized alerts and notifications sent straight to your devices to keep your safe PC, Android, and Mac

Enhance the performance of your devices:

• Take advantage of cloud-based security which keeps your devices speedy and easy to use
• Predict and resolve issues with your hard drive by viewing metrics which report on its health
• Customize storage space and battery life on your Android devices with specially built tools

Feel the power of the first adaptive security service:

Built with the original adaptive technologies, Kaspersky Security Cloud – Free adjusts to your life to keep you secure and safe. It knows when to notify you, when to warn you and when to step in to block direct threats and also because it is always on, it safeguards you all the time.

Take advantage of award-winning antivirus

The service offers you with the best-class antivirus software as well as malware protection you would expect from the Kaspersky. You will get what you actually require to fight worms, Trojans, viruses, malware, ransomware, and other hidden dangers

Although, you get only limited access for some tools there are still lots of available to make you smile and happy. Get notifications and suggestions the moment danger appears. Browse privately in public with our invisible VPN and store up to 15 passwords in a safe and secure online vault and lots of more.

Now, the question arises how does Kaspersky Security Cloud differ from other products? Well, our virus protection has been noted to perfection over the last two decades. We have taken all the best of our award-winning solutions and added our patented adaptive security technologies for creating a highly personalized solution that adjusts to your lifestyle to keep you safe and secure. There are different attributes which make the service unique that includes:

Patented Adaptive Protection: Adaptive security technology is bespoke by the definition, responding to your lifestyle within the context of the cybersecurity landscape. The technology anticipates danger and suggests you when action is required and automatically updates your device settings once the requirement comes. Not only it helps to shield you from the direct cyber-threats but it also reassures you that the things which you care about are secure and safe.

Account-Based Control: The service is tied to the owner of My Kaspersky Subscription account, rather than to a license. It means that security management features found in My Kaspersky allow you to configure your security any way you want. And if you buy the Family Edition, you become the master account holder that allows you to share security with family members and friends. In this example, each individual will have their own My Kaspersky Account, and the solution will adapt itself to their personal requirements and online habits.

Platform Agnostic Flexibility: The service works on Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. And if you need to customize manage your account from a shared device, it can be accessed via the My Kaspersky website.

State-of-the-art innovation: The service is constantly developing. All the latest features, tools, and technologies will appear first in Kaspersky Security Cloud.

These are a few features and benefits that come with Kaspersky Security Cloud. This feature is known for providing security to your device. Call on Kaspersky UK Contact Number for Free to get instant support from the technicians. The teams are available 24x7 to help you in any manner they can. They are known for providing friendly support to you so that you can do the best.