A step by step guide to Kaspersky Small Office Security Download

Are you a small business owner then, you must know that how precious your business is? Kaspersky antivirus also knows how valuable your business data is as it comes with excellent features and security tools. These security features protect your business against cyber threats with simple to use and straightforward to manage solutions which set you free to get on with sensitive and private data.

Kaspersky Small Office Security helps to protect more of the things which matter to your business including business data, files, and some other important and sensitive documents. You can download Kaspersky Small Office Security that combines the simplicity of the home PC security with the special capabilities to secure your business when your employees are working. Kaspersky antivirus comes with “set and forgets” security and it protects your Mac and Windows PCs and laptops, and your Windows file servers to protect the files which are precious for you.

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Install and Download Kaspersky Small Office Security from the Installer

Download the Kaspersky Small Office Security installation package from the official website of Kaspersky or through the link which you have received in email from the online store

• Run the installer and wait unless the wizard finds the updated Kaspersky version of just click on Skip to install the latest one
• Click on Continue and read the End User License Agreement carefully and if you agree with the terms and conditions then, click on Accept
• If you have chosen to skip the End User License Agreement then, the program won’t be installed • Now, this is the time to read the Kaspersky Security Network carefully and click on Accept
• Click on Decline in case if you are prompted to participate in the Kaspersky Security Network Program
• Read the messages about the possible errors while the installation process and click on the Install
• Now, wait for the installation to complete it and make sure that all the parameters are enabled in the window of Recommended section and click on Apply and click on Done

Kaspersky Small Office Security has been successfully installed. When you are done with the installation then, you will get powerful security to your device.

Convenient Web Portal

As a business security suite, Kaspersky Small Office Security comes with the dedicated portal that is kaspersky.com for your ease where you can check the license status as well as expiration date and see the devices which are protected and contact the Kaspersky Care if you need any assistance regarding this.

Windows File Server Protection

It helps to safeguard Windows file servers from the crypto lockers. System Watcher detects and blocks malicious activity and allows the rollback of the malicious actions. Software updater provides a new updates list available for the installed applications that make it simple to remove outdated and unused system data.

Work Securely on Mobile Devices

If you love to work while traveling then, Kaspersky Lab’s mobile security technologies mean that you will stay protected while you are working from anywhere when employees use their own mobile devices for work. It helps to safeguard Android-based tablets and Smartphones that include lock, wipe, and missing devices location.

Store and Transfer Precious Files

It helps to backup and encrypt the sensitive data to keep it safe from breaches, fines, and lost business with the help of its advanced technologies. Data vault provides an additional security layer with the help of password-protected storage on the PC to keep the private and sensitive data away from hackers and unwanted bugs.

Secure Email, Internet, and Privacy

It effectively helps to protect you against business data and network hacking and for that, it blocks malicious sites. It also helps to block suspicious downloads and filters phishing emails and malicious attachments as well. This feature will search for unsafe and unwanted browser extensions and remove them to secure your privacy with the special functionality “do not track”.

These are a few features which Kaspersky Small Office Security as they help to keep your sensitive data and other official documents safe and secure.