Can I activate my kaspersky products without an internet connection?

It is very much needed to have security providing software installed on the computer for the safety and security of the data stored in the computer and also it helps in keeping the efficient working of the computer well maintained and up to the mark as the entry of an unwanted element in the computer is not only about data leakage but also it is about the working speed of the computer other than that it can also affect the computer in many other ways.

But antivirus software is not something that one would install on the computer and would forget and it would keep working on the computer smoothly thus keeping it protected. Such as if we talk about the Kaspersky antivirus software then it has many technologies and features involved with it and therefore sometimes the users are seen struggling with the workings of the software, and these problems and glitches can only be best resolved under the guidance of the experts available at Kaspersky Lab online.

As none of the software as stated above is just about the installation, there is actually a lot more to it, the next step to be done after installation is the activation of the software. Internet access sometimes becomes a problem for the computers the issue can be because of network or even anything. So keeping that in mind here we will see what can be done for activating the Kaspersky products if there is no internet connection.

One can still get the Kaspersky product activated even if there is no internet connection but for that, the user will have to get the Kaspersky license code converted to the key file.

Can I activate my kaspersky products without an internet connection?

In order to get this conversion process done easily the user should follow the below-given steps:

• On the computer, the user should open the web browser.
• On the browser, the user should open the official Kaspersky activation center.
• Then in the first field that appears the user should enter the activation code.
• Then next filed asking for the ID and the password should be left blank.
• After that, the user should click on “next”
• This will get a Kaspersky key file generated.
• A valid Email ID should then be entered for receiving the generated Kaspersky key file.
• Then from the inbox of that Email get the Kaspersky license key downloaded on the system.
• The file will be downloaded in the.ZIP format
• The file should be unpacked and it should be converted to 0XXXXX.Key format.

Once all of the above steps would be done the license code of the software will then be successfully converted to the kaspersky key file and this conversion would further make the activation of the products simple to be done without an internet connection.

If other than this the user gets to deal with any other problem with the workings of any of the Kaspersky products then in that case for help, support and information it is advised that the user gets in touch with the trained and certified experts. These experts can be reached out for help through live chats and emails and also through phone calls. Also, the experts are seen happily serving the Kaspersky antivirus users 24*7 and all thanks to the experience and the skills that they possess that there is no issue related to Kaspersky that cannot be resolved under their services also the user can be sure of getting instant and support and the most accurate resolution for whatever issue is to be taken care of.