Guide to follow for enabling Anti- banner on Kaspersky

The most efficient security software program that is available for the assurance of online safety and security of the devices and the computers is the Kaspersky antivirus software program. There are many other programs also that are available in the market for the purpose of providing security for the systems and the devices but this particular software is known for providing innumerable helpful features that further make the software program even more effective.

Other than the features another thing that makes this software program even more reliable is that there are fewer technical complications and therefore the software program is easy to be installed and also to be activated, but there are still certain complications that the users do get to face with some other procedures that are associated with the Kaspersky antivirus, the other procedures mostly include enabling of some other features on the software program. There are too many features associated with the software program, therefore; some sort of confusion has to be there for sure. Here for now as per the demand of the topic we will see a procedure to follow for enabling Anti- banner on Kaspersky.

Guide to follow for enabling Anti- banner on Kaspersky

Before getting into enabling procedure of the Kaspersky feature a brief introduction of it is important, so to talk about it one can say that this particular feature is a type of ad blocker, it helps the people in keeping away unwanted annoying ads from their systems so that people are able to use it accurately without any disruption.

The simplest process of enabling the Kaspersky Anti- banner goes as follows:

• The user should open the user interface of the software program
• After that, the user should click on the “Settings” icon that is the gear shape towards the bottom left
• Various setting options will then be displayed as a list on the left side of the screen
• There the user should click “protection” further should scroll down and should choose “Anti- banner”
• The user should click on that anti- banner in order to enable that

Another problem that the users are often seen facing after enabling this anti- banner feature on Kaspersky is that the user will then not be allowed to visit certain websites such as Gmail, Facebook, and many more. But there is a hack available to deal with this issue as well that is adding these websites to the list of exceptions, after adding those websites there the user will be able to open them even with Anti- banner enabled.

In order to get this done for the easy use of the websites the user should follow the steps given below:

• In the right-hand corner of the browser, the user should click on the “green shield”
• Then from the drop-down menu on the website the user should click the option “ Allow on this website”
• The website will then be added to the list of exceptions and even with the Kaspersky Anti- banner enabled the user will be able to open these websites easily.

So, this is all about enabling Anti- banner on Kaspersky, for blocking unwanted annoying notifications and ads, for knowing more regarding this the user should get in touch with the team of trained and certified experts at Kaspersky contact number UK, or the experts can also be asked for the required help through the option of live chats and Emails. The users can be sure of getting the most instant and the most accurate solution for all the problems related to Kaspersky also through the experts gathering information regarding the workings of the software program is also very easy for people using it around the globe.