How is kaspersky anti- theft useful for laptop?

Kaspersky antivirus software is very much famous among the users for all the advanced features that it offers to the users moreover this software is counted as the most advanced out of all the security software that is running in the cybersecurity market in terms of the features that are offered by it.

It is because of the feature advancement of the software that it becomes tricky for the people to understand and use as so many features into one single software often leave them confused as not all of them are that much sound technically.

It is often seen that the users fail to explore all the features tagged along with the Kaspersky antivirus software and thus fail to use the software to its full capacity.

Such as the Kaspersky anti-theft for laptop feature is not very much popularly known to the Kaspersky antivirus users. Though, this particular feature is very much useful for the users of the software in many ways.

So, here we will discuss in detail all the points that make this feature useful for the people using Kaspersky software for the safety and security of their laptops.

How is kaspersky anti- theft useful for laptop?

The points to be noted as the importance of the Kaspersky anti-theft feature for the laptop users are as follows:

• By using the anti-theft feature on the laptop the user can easily lock the device and can track its location.
• The user can also easily turn on a loud alarm on the laptop if the anti-theft feature is kept enabled.
• The user can easily conduct a factory reset on the device and can also wipe off the memory card.
• The anti-theft feature also allows the user to find out the person who is using the laptop after it is stolen.
• If in case it is a mobile that gets lost then the user can block the device using the anti-theft feature. This can be done as soon as someone else tries to insert a new SIM card in the device.
• The anti-theft settings can be easily protected through the screen lock.

If other than this you still need more information about this feature or about anything else related to the Kaspersky antivirus software then in that case the best option is to ask the experts available at Kaspersky helpline number UK the lines are open for the users all the time.