How Kaspersky Mobile Security is the best choice for your Android?

Today, every system requires to be protected from the virus. And for that, antivirus software is designed specifically for fighting against Malware, Ransomware, Virus and etc. Kaspersky antivirus is easy to download and yes it is not free but it is worth it. This antivirus software can be available from various choices based on the users. Some of the advantages are listed below and make use of it. When it comes to protecting your Android device then the first answer comes in mind is Kaspersky Mobile Security. It can be easily installed on your phone or tablet and if you fail to do so then get complete assistance with the technical team by calling at Kaspersky Support UK.

There’s a lot of your life and personal data stored in your tablets & phones. Therefore, it is necessary to have mobile security which helps to keep it all safe. The Kaspersky premium protection assists you to protect your mobile life. It also protects the sensitive personal information that is stored on your devices even if your tablet or phone is lost or stolen.

The two topmost protections which Kaspersky offers to your android device are:

1. Protects confidential data in your devices
2. Protects against viruses and dangerous links

In this blog, we will discuss the exact reasons why one should prefer Kaspersky Mobile Security for their Android:

• Interface:
Kaspersky Internet Security for Android has come with a very clean and minimal look that carries through to the fantastic levels of the interface. But when you get beyond those all, you start hitting screens that feels very much like they were developed for a PC antivirus app and forced to work into a mobile interface. The application underwent a much-needed development for last year but it didn’t do enough. There are still so many screens which are walls of text, presenting too many options and drilling down too many levels to some menu loads and a lack of cues as to where a user requires going.

• Privacy Protection:
The privacy protection feature of this app is specifically developed to hide all of your communications with a selected contact. It is further complicated with the fact that it is not compatible with Google Hangouts, so the users of Android 4.4 Kit Kat and later android usage market at the time of this review. Anyone who opts to use Hangouts for SMS is not able to take advantage of this feature. Well, this feature worked for me when it was able to do so and I find the standard concept of app lock as practiced by many other Android security application makers to be a much more logical way to keep the information on your device from curious eyes.

• Anti-Theft:
Kaspersky Mobile Security has come with anti-theft features that are specifically well thought-out. You can look and locate your device, take a photo from the device, trigger an alarm and wipe all data or your only personal data from the web portal at Web Portal of Kaspersky is straightforward and easy to use and the most essential aspects when you are trying to find your lost device.

• Call and Text Filter:
This feature is mainly centered on blocking specific individuals from your contact list. You can also simply enter a phone number but if you want proper functioning of this feature then it would need a phenomenal amount of setup time to make the lists you wanted. It worked well but it requires some excellent categories added as seen in the call filters for apps like CM Security.

• Android Wear:
This feature is really very amazing and has similar functionality as Bitdefender Mobile Security. The Kaspersky’s execution provides with the ability to use the watch to run a scan, start a malware-database update as well as trigger the phone to make a noise if you be unable to remember where you put it. All these commands can be generated or activated either by using the corresponding voice commands or tapping through menus in the application. If you are facing any issue or any error with these features, then it is recommended to get friendly and quick assistance of expert team just by dialing Kaspersky Helpline UK.

Well, these are the main features or we can say these are the exact reason that one should definitely choose Kaspersky Mobile Security for their Android device. It not only protects your personal data or sensitive information but also enhances the performance of your mobile phone.