How to add Exception in Kaspersky Firewall?

When it comes to antivirus protection, everyone would prefer a solution that works so well as well as independently out of the box that they can forget about it unless its license expires. At the same time, they still expect flawless protection. As a matter of fact, by sharing the same expectations and opinions, that is the reason why the security solutions are fine-tuned to offer an optimal balance between hands-off user stringent and experience protection.

Kaspersky Total Security features the Firewall component that is specifically designed to ensure the security on the local network and on the internet as well. All the network connections on your computer are monitored by the Firewall. Kaspersky security software is designed to safeguard you against information theft and threats through the web. Unluckily in some cases, this software comes into the conflict with the use of the Browser Plug-In and if you find that you cannot start or use any browser then, in that case, you will need to add an exception for it to the Kaspersky program. Here, you will learn the steps to add an exception in Kaspersky security software and you have to follow them carefully to avoid any issue.

How to add Exception in Kaspersky Firewall?

By following the direction mentioned below, you can add an exception to the Kaspersky Firewall

• First of all, click on the Kaspersky icon appeared on your desktop
• After that, left-click on the “Settings” from the menu
• Now, left-click on the Exclusions and Threats” from the navigation bar on the left of the Settings screen
• Now, left-click on the Settings button appears on the right side of the screen under the exclusions. It will bring up the “Trusted Zone” window
• From the opened window, now, left-click on “Add” link
• A new window will then, open up with the name of “Exclusion Rule” and then, you will need to left-click on the box next to “Object” and then, put a checkmark in the box
• Make sure that there is no check-mark appears next to “Threat type” and when it is done left click on “select object”
• The “Browse” window will open up and then, you will need to choose “Browse”
• Browse the list starting from “My Computer” to the “Licensing” folder and the path for this is C:\ProgramData\CivilGeo\Licensing
• Now, make sure to choose the entire folder and not just “License ServiceApp.exe”
• Then, choose “Ok” on every of the prompted window unless Kaspersky is completely closed

When you are done with the above-given steps then, you can easily operate the website or application which was blocked by the Kaspersky firewall. Call on Kaspersky Helpline Number UK to get connected with the technical experts for instant and reliable help regarding the resolution.