How to eradicate problems in a Kaspersky Database Update?

Kaspersky antivirus is the best security software when it comes to protecting your device. For comprehensive protection against viruses, threats, and other malware, you will need to keep your security software up-to-date. Out-dated security software might get you stuck and won’t respond properly. So, it is recommended to use an updated version of the Kaspersky antivirus. Sometimes, you get stuck with Kaspersky Database Update, and to eradicate problems in a Kaspersky Database Update, you will need to follow a below-given step very carefully.

Method 1: Check Your System Date

First of all, the product might react to an incorrect system date if the system date is further than the current date. It happens due to the application compares it with the date of the last update. These days, a various hour after in antivirus updates makes your device vulnerable, and therefore you will receive unavoidably receive a notification if the product identifies which you haven’t updated it.

If you are sure that the updates are correct, check if the system date is also correct and fine. You can see the recent date in the Windows System Tray (Normally, it’s in the lower-right corner of your screen). If only time is appeared in the notification area and click on the clock for opening the calendar. In Windows 8, the current date is shown on the Tools Bar. About 80% of update problems are caused by the wrong system date. You may have not changed it by yourself, but if then, for instance, the lithium battery on your motherboard is exhausted; the system date will be reset when you reboot your PC. In this case, it is recommended that you will need to replace the battery.

Method 2: Check Your Proxy Settings

Another frequent reason for update issues is the miss-configuration of the proxy server. A sign of its involvement is that the update process hangs at 0 – 2%. There are two places where you can examine the configuration.

• First of all, in the application, go to Settings – Additional – Network – Proxy server settings and you will need to make sure your configuration is up-to-date.
• Secondly, check the settings in the Internet Explorer and the reason of check IE. If the option automatically identifies proxy server settings is activated in the antivirus, the proxy server settings will be present at birth from the Windows’ native browser.

How to eradicate problems in a Kaspersky Database Update?

Method 3: Check of Battery Saving is enabled

If you have experienced an update issue on your laptop then, try to disable the option that is turned on by default. The feature called “Battery Saving” safeguards the application from performing a virus scan and downloading updates when your device is running on battery power. If you haven’t plugged in your laptop for too long, like two days or sometimes, several hours, you might not have the latest virus signatures. You can either plugin or just try to disable the Battery Saving so the antivirus gets automatic updates whenever they are available, regardless of the power status.

Method 4: Check the User Account Settings

There is an advanced feature on Kaspersky Lab products which lets you run updates on behalf of a certain user even once the application is currently protecting a limited user account. Go to update Settings and specify whether to run update tasks as the recent user or a different one (the second option needs that you enter the credentials of the account).

If the second option is chosen, but there are no credentials in the domain, you might receive an error message when trying to update. The solution is simple, either specify the correct login and password of the account or just choose the first option.

Method 5: If you are Using the Auto-Renewal Service

Update errors might occur due to some delays in the validating or renewing a subscription license that is purchased from an Internet provider. This error is called “Application update aborted after checking downloaded databases”. All you need is to click on the Manage Subscription link appears in the lower-right corner of the application’s main window and after that, click on the Update subscription status option. After the status gets updated, you can initiate an update manually or just wait unless it is conducted scheduled.

Follow the above-given steps very carefully, and if the issue still persists then, it is advisable to get in touch with the technical experts atKaspersky Helpline Service. The technicians are available all the time to help you and known for their knowledge due to which there are no such errors that cannot be fixed by them. The teams are experienced and work dedicatedly to resolve the issue.