How to fix some common Kasperksy installation errors?

Kaspersky is a popular name in the security software industry, this is software that has all the advanced features associated with it and also it is getting updated almost on a daily basis in terms of techniques which further makes the software more efficient for fighting against the malware, spyware Trojans and viral attacks.

The software also keeps away all the systems from all types of online risk that the user can get to deal with. Using security software is very important as any interference from any type of harmful elements can result in serious issues like loss of sensitive data from the system or can also cause other issues like freezing of the system and a lot more.

But, as Kaspersky is based on a lot of techniques and is associated with a lot of updated and advanced features therefore it is often seen that the users do get confused and therefore, they get trapped into a lot of troubles with the software, here in this blog we will focus on some common errors that the Kaspersky users face while installing Kaspersky on their systems.

An error occurred during application installation:

In order to get rid of this error on Kaspersky while installing the user needs to follow the below given steps-

• Get a restoration point created.
• Ensure that you have the activation code of your Kaspersky product.
• Get the files of the earlier version of the software deleted from the system.

Error code 1719- In order to get rid of the error code 1719 on Kaspersky security software during installation the user needs to follow the below given steps-

• Get the registry entries associated with the error repaired.
• Then conduct a full malware scan on the system.
• Clean out junk from the system.
• Then get the system drivers updated.
• Undo all the changes made to the system recently.
• Uninstall and then again get the software reinstalled on the system.
• Run the windows system file checker on the system.
• Get all the available windows updates.
• Get windows installed on the system.

Unknown Error- In order to get rid of the unknown error while installing Kaspersky the user should follow the below given steps-

• In the bottom left corner of the main window open settings.
• Then in the settings window in the “additional section” then select “network”
• Then in the network settings window click on “ proxy server settings”
• In the proxy server settings dialog then select the option “do not use proxy server” and then click “save”
• Then try to activate the application.
• Net framework error – In order to get rid of net framework error while installing Kaspersky the user should follow the below given steps –
• Download and run Microsoft. Net frameworks repair tool on the system
• Then follow the installer instructions, get the system restarted as the installation process completes
• Then install Kaspersky again
• If the issue still continues then conduct a reinstallation of .NET framework for that reinstallation –
• Remove Microsoft.Net framework by going to control panel then click programs further click ‘’programs and features” then click uninstall.
• Download and install the best-updated version of .NET Framework

If the issue still does not get resolved then, in that case, it is advisable that the user gets in touch with the Kaspersky Support Number UK and gets it resolved under the proper assistance from the experts.