How to Install Kaspersky In Safe Mode?

Kaspersky antivirus has always been a bit tricky and complicated for the users to understand as it has a lot of complicated and tricky techniques associated with it. Also, there are a lot of features associated with the software that may go beyond the understanding of a common antivirus software user. In most cases, the user faces problem with the process of installation or with the process of activation.

Here the experts from Kaspersky will be discussing everything related to the Kaspersky safe mode, as in the process of using Kaspersky antivirus in safe mode on the computer.

So, if it is about installing the software on the computer or android in safe mode then it is very essential for the user to know that there is no way out through which Kaspersky can be installed in safe mode, not every application or software is eligible for installation to be done in safe mode and same is the case with Kaspersky.

It is so because the windows installer turns off and stops working once the computer goes into safe mode, and Kaspersky cannot be installed without the windows installer.

But yes the software can be put to running in the safe mode very easily, In order to put Kaspersky antivirus to run on the computer in safe mode there is a certain procedure that the user needs to follow.

How to Install Kaspersky In Safe Mode?

In order to run Kaspersky antivirus in safe mode it is advised that the user follows the below-given procedures:

• The user should first of all, install the software on the computer while the computer is in normal mode. If the software is already installed then the user should move to the next step.
• The user should get the computer restarted and should press the F8 key on the keyboard till the boot screen appears.
• Few options will then be visible on the screen from those the user needs to choose “safe mode.”
• If the user wants the internet to be working in the safe mode then for that the user will have to click the option “Safe mode with Networking.”
• After that should press the enter key.
• Then as the windows login screen appears the user should enter the username and password.
• The system would then ask the user to verify using the computer in safe mode.
• As the operating system loads completely then the software should be started
• A full computer scan should be conducted.
• Once the user finishes running of the software in safe mode should then get the computer started again.

If still any further information is needed regarding the workings of the Kaspersky antivirus software then in that case one can easily connect with the technical experts at Kaspersky helpline number UK.