How to restore MBR of encrypted drive using Kaspersky endpoint security?

In today’s time, it is not at all safe for people to keep their computers and devices unprotected, as with the level of technicalities and the features advancing it has become very easy for the anti-social elements to get into the systems of the users and also the advancing technology has made computers and the devices very much vulnerable towards malware attacks, spyware, Trojans and also viral attacks.

So, the source to keep them all well protected and in proper working conditions is antivirus software, the antivirus software programs are many that the users can use to ensure the protection and safety of their computers and devices but the best one out of those all is Kaspersky antivirus software program there are many advances that are associated with the workings of the Kaspersky antivirus software, those advances have really been very helpful for people in connection with the assigned task of the software program, but sometimes with the deeper technical advances the users are seen stuck, here in the guide we will see the process to follow for restoring MBR of the encrypted drive using Kaspersky endpoint security.

In order to restore MBR on the encrypted drive, the user will have to ensure connecting it to a workstation or virtual machine.

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Basic requirements of virtual machine or workstation are given as follows:

• Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 with the encrypted components installed
• There should be a network agent installed
• The workstation should be connected to the admin server
• Between the network agent and the admin server the user should get the data transfer established

Restoring MBR on the physical drive:

In order to restore MBR on the physical drive the user should follow the steps given below:

• Encrypted Drive should be disconnected for the workstation
• It should then be connected to a computer
• The user should then start the operating system
• In the main Window of the antivirus, the user should click on the “support “ icon
• Next, the user should click on “Restore encrypted device
• After this, the user should choose “hard drive”
• Next, the user should click “scan “ and should wait for the process to complete
• Next, the user will have to click “fix MBR”
• Once the process completes the user should then disconnect and should again connect the hard drive

Other than this, if the user wishes to restore MBR on the virtual drive then the user will have to follow a different set of steps for that.

In order to restore MBR on the virtual drive the user will have to follow the steps as given below:

• The user will have to open the VMware console further the user will have to get the drive connected to the virtual machine.
• On the machine, the user will have to do the same thing as it was done on the physical drive
• Next, the user should disconnect the hard drive from the virtual machine

So, this is all the information about restoring MBR of the encrypted drive using Kaspersky endpoint security, if other than this the user feels the need to know more than in that case the user should get in touch with the team of trained and certified technicians at Kaspersky support number in UK, also they can reach out to the team of technicians through live chats and emails, the users can be sure of getting instant as well as the most accurate solution for all the problems related to the software program. There is no such error or issue related to the software that the team of technicians may fail to resolve, the helplines are also kept open all the time for the comfort of the user.