Is there Kaspersky behind blocked Google Drive?

Google Drive and the file backing up/uploading/syncing tool is installed on the local device have served Google users very flawlessly unless Windows 10 launches. While PC users are enjoying upgrading freely from Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 and upgrading their Google Drive local app, and they are upset to find that their new Google Drive nit synchronizing on the new Windows 10.

It seems that it is because the new Google Drive is not compatible with the advanced Windows 10 Operating system. Changes to one part are fine, but changes to both parts will cause problems possibly. They won’t be compatible with each other and if you think that there is Kaspersky behind blocked Google Drive then, you are wrong. There are some other causes and we are here with the exact resolutions and causes for this error.

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Fixings for blocked Google Drive

More detailed causes might be something goes wrong while installing or updating, Google Drive is examined as spyware/malware or something evil to the OS by Windows Firewall or antivirus software, Google Drive gets conflicted with Microsoft OneDrive for Microsoft doesn’t want other’s kids to play at the playground.

Reinstall Google Drive

There might be something damaged or corrupted on the Windows Registry. It is suggested to uninstall the recent unworkable Google Drive from the PC completely with a third-party uninstaller such Cclean.

Remove anything and everything to do with Google Drive from your device, googledrivesync.exe, hsync.exe and etc. you should try to check through registry directories to remove all files that are related to Google Drive. Delete all of the leftover files even the Recycle Bin as well. Just delete everything which you can come up with related to Google, might be Chrome even.

You can have a clean reinstallation of Google Drive. You can select to install the version you just get rid of, you can install the latest version of and it might have solved the Google Drive not synchronizing Windows 10 issue, you can just install the older version from which you upgraded to the useless version, or might try this old version that is provided by a user and checked well by a great of many users.

Disable Kaspersky Antivirus

Just as mentioned above, it might be the Windows Firewall or third-party antivirus that causes Google Drive not synchronizing Windows 10. Hence, you have to shut off Kaspersky Antivirus software on a temporary basis and turn the security level all the way down through “Control Panel” – “Internet” – “Security”.

Delete Google Drive Data

Delete folder “C: Users/User/App Data/Local/Google/Drive” and after that, install Google Drive. If you didn’t install Google Drive by default, that is to say, you didn’t install Google Drive in C drive, you should search where you have to install it and delete its data from the directory.

Restart Backup and Synchronize Manually

Sometimes, restarting Backup and Synchronize fix backup and synchronizing the syncing issues. To do so, find the system tray, and then, you have to click on the sync icon. Now, you have to choose the “Quit Backup and Sync” option. To start it, you have to click on “Search” and enter the “Backup and Sync” and start it.

Do Settings to Google Drive

Google Drive might change settings on the PC. This change is only required once and if your Google Drive is not working on Windows 10 then, it would be better to change the settings done again or just reset to the defaults.

Install Windows Update

You will need to install Windows Update to fix this issue and for that,

• Connect the computer to your modem
• Now, disable the firewall and antivirus on the PC
• After that, install the latest Windows updates and then, restart

This is the time to download and install the latest version of Drive Synchronize

Here, you are all set with the Google Drive resolution and if you think that Kaspersky is behind this blocked Google Drive then, you should contact Kaspersky Customer Care UK to get in touch with the technical experts for any assistance. They will help to fix the Google Drive-related issues and errors immediately.