Is there Kaspersky behind Slow Computer?

Kaspersky antivirus has all those security features and protection tools that are necessary for a device’s security. This security software is designed specifically to fight against advanced threats and viruses. Kaspersky antivirus will not only provide security to your device but also enhances the performance of your device.

People usually love to work on a fast computer and sometimes they get stuck because of a slow computer. People think that there is Kaspersky behind Slow Computer but there is not Kaspersky behind the Slow Computer performance. We are here with a few troubleshooting methods for the same and hence, follow the methods and enhance the PC performance.

Is there Kaspersky behind Slow Computer?

Troubleshooting Slow Computer Performance

Install Software Update

Microsoft’s updates for Windows 7 are not fantastic they help to cover security vulnerabilities and fix the performance issues that emerge over time. When Windows is checking with the sever updates for Microsoft and downloading and installing those updates, you will notice that your PC slow down noticeably. While you should never ignore updates from the MS, you can select to have Windows 7 will prompt you for the installation of the updates instead of allowing the system to install those updates automatically. So that you have the option to select a time when you will not be using the PC to apply the update and allow the Windows sharply to update while you are working.

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

You can take a variety of protections to lessen the exposure of the PC to malware, and antivirus is not perfect security against all the threats your PC faces. Although you will not find a PC security expert which will suggest against the installation of some form of anti-virus security for Windows 7. Between MS’s own Security Essentials for the Windows 7 and any other virus protection which you install and background, disks scans as well as screening files before you open them as it will keep these things away at the speed of the computer.

Firewall Protection behind Slow Computer

Firewalls protect you against the viruses and threats which could slip past antivirus software program. Restricting the traffic which enters or leaves a PC can stop hackers who attempt to probe your PC from afar and can also prevent malware that will manage the computer infection from sending your private data off your PC and onto the Internet. Windows 7 consist of a software firewall, but activating will add another step to the process of transferring data bunches and can slow down your PC.

Windows Startup Items

You can prevent the apps which aren’t essential and unnecessarily slowing down Windows 7 from starting automatically when you startup the PC through MSconfig. Once you click on the Start option and type MSconfig into the required taskbar to see and start the application. For that, you have to click on the “Startup” tab and uncheck the boxes that appear next to the names of applications and services you don’t want to launch and slow down Windows 7. After that, click on the “Ok” option when you are done.

Uninstall & Reinstall Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky antivirus is the best security software and it is best to provide comprehensive security to the devices. If it is a corrupted or damaged file of Kaspersky installation setup then, all you need to do is to uninstall this software completely from the device and then, download the installation setup file from the official website of Kaspersky and then, install the fresh one by double-clicking on the setup file. Now, follow the on-screen prompts to reinstall Kaspersky on your device and restart the device to fix the issue.

In case, if you think that without Kaspersky, your device is working properly then there might be Kaspersky behind it. And hence, you should contact Kaspersky Helpline UK and get in touch with the experts for any help. The technical experts are available 24x7 and help you to fix this issue so that you can enjoy a fast performance along with Kaspersky antivirus.