How to renew a Kaspersky antivirus license?

Kaspersky is security software that is known in the market for its advanced updated features by the help of these advanced updated features the user very easily keeps away all the unwanted harmful elements away from the system. Kaspersky is popular for its efficient workings against all types of malware, spyware, Trojans and viral attacks. But keeping this efficiency maintained is actually in the hands of the user it is necessary that the user keeps the software free from all technical glitches and errors to make this task easy it is advisable that they get connected with the technicians at Kaspersky Help Number UK.

It is compulsory that the software is kept well updated and is given proper renewal from time to time because only then the software will be able to provide effective protection for the systems around the globe.

It is also compulsory that the user follows the renewal process of the Kaspersky license with all the correct steps as if it will not be performed in the correct manner then the software will be of no use to the user.

The users are often seen confused with the renewal procedure, therefore, here we will provide an easy guide for the renewal of the software keeping in mind various situations that the user might get to face while performing the renewal of the software.

For renewal of the software the user first needs to buy the renewal activation code. For that, the user should follow the below steps –
• Open the software.
• Then click on “license link”
• Then in the window that appears click on the “purchase activation code” button.
• This will open the renewal center page.
• Further, follow the instructions appearing on the screen.

Activating the code- For activating the code the user should follow the given steps –
• Open the antivirus.
• Then in the lower right window click “license link”
• Then in the new activation code section click “Enter activation code” button.
• Then enter the activation code in the enter activation code window.
• Then click the “add activation code” button.
• Then wait for the activation wizard to complete.
• Then click the “finish” button. The application will then be working on the activation code that is already in use the new activation code will be kept reserved.

Activating the code if the license has expired- If the license has expired and you need to get the code activated then, in that case, follow the given steps –
• Open the software.
• Then in the lower right part of the window click “license expired”
• In the license expired section click on the button “enter activation code”
• In the activation, the code window enters the activation code.
• Then click the add activation code button.
• Wait for the activation wizard to complete.
• Click on the “finish” button.
• Then in the licensing window, you will get to see the information about the new license.

This blog provides a proper guide for the renewal procedure of the Kaspersky antivirus license. But, still, if the user faces problem while activating the renewal code or while renewing the software then for proper remote assistance the user should connect with the experts at Kaspersky Help Number UK.