Kaspersky Internet Security & Total Security: The Best Security Suite

Kaspersky antivirus is designed specifically to provide excellent protection against viruses and other malware. This security suite is equipped with outstanding security tools that are effective to fight against advanced viruses and other malware. It comes with various products and in which Kaspersky Total Security and Kaspersky Internet security is one of them. In this guide, we will discuss some of the features and security tools that come with both of these products so that you can choose best for your device’s security. Kaspersky Download step is very easy and you can download it easily without having any trouble.

Kaspersky Internet Security & Total Security: The Best Security Suite

Kaspersky Total Security: Best-Performing Security Suite

Multi-device family security comes with anti-ransomware, anti-virus, password manager, webcam security, VPN and 87 more technologies- all in one license

1. Safeguards your “Digital Life” against internet threats:

Thousands and hundreds of new malware items are being unleashed by the criminals. That is the reason why cloud-assisted security adds to your defenses continually against malware and internet dangers. It also blocks the banner adverts and allows you to filter out annoying spam messages.

2. Secures any combination of Mac, PCs & Android devices:

Whichever device you select to go online, advanced and innovative security technologies provide multi-layered protection. Apart from this, because it is simple to lose mobile devices, it is included anti-theft features that allow you to lock, wipe, and locate stolen or lost Android devices.

3. Protects your privacy and defends against identity theft:

Phishing attacks – which can try to steal your identity or your money – are blocked automatically. Additionally, the Webcam Protection technology helps to stop criminals using your own webcam to spy on you. It also prevents web browsing tracking habits and the capture of personal information.

4. Adds multiple security layers for online shopping & banking:

Whenever you use your Mac or PC to visit shopping, payment or banking website, the unique Safe Money technology identifies that the site is safe and secure, ensures that you aren’t being tricked by a fake site and then, open the website in a special and protected mode.

5. Keep your kids safe from Internet Dangers and more:

Award-winning Parental Control features that are running in your Mac or PC – make it simple for you to manage the downloaded apps by kids, and prevent to access inappropriate web content and games and also manage to message on social networks and prevent disclosure of the personal information.

6. Secure your accounts and passwords:

Everyone has a lot of passwords. Create the password, safely store, and permanently recover them – it is an unlikeable waste of time and an extra risk. Leave behind these pointless worries, allow a special application on every one of your devices manages the creation storage, lookup as well as synchronization of the passwords.

7. Safeguards music, photos, financial files, and documents:

Online and local backup allows you to store duplicate copies of your music, photos, and more. If your computer develops a fault, then you will be able to access all the valuable files that are stored in your online backup through any compatible device. You also can encrypt your files so that unauthorized and unknown users cannot read them and when you want to delete a file from your PC, you can totally “shred” it.

Kaspersky Internet Security: The Excellent Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is the best security solution that is designed for protection of your mobile and computer devices against viruses and other threats. The license for Kaspersky Internet Security can be purchased for up to 5 devices.

• Mac
• Windows PC
• Android Device

Kaspersky Internet Security is a solution which offers optimal protection for your PC and with this security suite you get:

• Complete protection for system and files protects data when you work online
• It scans your PC or specific folders, files or drives for the viruses
• Disinfect and delete infected objects available on PC
• Remove ads and un-used apps which slow down the computer performance
• Block changes to the operating system and browser settings
• Find and install updates for applications installed on your computer
• Block ads on webpages with Anti-Banner
• Block information collection about the online activity
• Conduct online shopping and banking operations safely and securely
• Remotely run virus scans and database updates through the My Kaspersky portal
• Set flexible limitations to access websites and applications for your children

The above given are a few features that come with the two Kaspersky products. These features are really effective in protecting your device against viruses and other malware. Call on Kaspersky Antivirus Toll-Free No UK to know more about these two products and their subscription and installation. You will be assisted by the technicians who help you to provide friendly support to you regarding the resolution.