Kaspersky Secure Gateway what one should know?

Kaspersky antivirus is the software program that is mostly taken into use by people for the technologies and features that are associated with it, as because of those technologies and features that the user is able to use the software program for the proper safety and security of the computer as well as the devices from all the different types of unwanted harmful elements as those have become very common nowadays, as the world of technologies and features is advancing with each passing day and therefore there are more ways for the process of a security breach that has come up.

The most popular way that is used for the purpose of a data breach is through email so, therefore, a new or we can say a whole new solution that is there available for the Kaspersky users to use is the Kaspersky secure gateway, to talk regarding this on the basics one can say that it is a special email system that has been designed as an efficient security solution, the users can get it installed very easily further the users will be able to manage the emails easily and will be further able to protect the computer against all the phishing attacks, and all the other email-related risks. There can be nothing better than the Kaspersky email security gateway that the user will be using for the safe and secure process of emailing.

Kaspersky Secure Gateway what one should know?

Here, in the guide we will see the basic system requirements that the user will need to fulfill for the installation of the Kaspersky secure mail gateway, also we will further see the exact features and the benefits that the users get to enjoy as they use the secure gateway system.

The features include the following:

• Ready- to-use virtual appliance
• Multi-Layered anti-malware capabilities:
• Web malicious URL filter
• Detection of malicious macros
• Integrated support
• Anti –Spam and content filtering
• Easy installation and maintenance
• License and subscription management

Now that the features have been well discussed we shall further see how the Kaspersky secure gateway is beneficial to be used. There are many benefits that the user may get to enjoy if he or she plans to use the email secure gateway.

Given below are the benefits that are associated with the Kaspersky Secure mail Gateway:

• Reduces cost and also the reliability is improved
• Simplifies admin tasks
• Get the productivity improved for the users
• Keeps away ransomware attacks also the costly security incidents are prevented
• Also, the protection is kept well updated

But, there is still something more that would come even before the benefits and features of the Kaspersky secure gateway. The user should get the minimum system requirements checked. So here further we will see all the requirements that the user will need to fulfill in order to make efficient use of the Kaspersky secure mail gateway.

The hardware requirements that the user would need to fulfill are as follows:

• 100 GB free space in the datastore
• 4 GB RAM
• One 4 Core processor or more advanced

Now, there is also a certain software-related minimum requirement that the user will need to fulfill, for the easy use of the secure gateway further.

For the virtual appliance image the following hypervisors should be used:

• VM ware ESXi 5.5 update 2
• VMware ESXi 6.0
• Microsoft hyper V server 2012 R2

For the web console operation the user should use the following browsers:

• Mozilla Firefox 49 or above version
• Internet Explorer 11 or above version
• Google Chrome 61 or above version

So, this is all regarding the features, also there is all the information regarding the benefits that are associated with the Kaspersky secure mail gateway, the guide is going to be very helpful for people, also it is going to be very well filled with all the information that they would need.