Kaspersky security cloud free set up

As it comes to the safety and security of all the devices and the computers against all types of dangerous unwanted harmful elements such as malware infection, spyware, Trojans, and viral attacks the name that usually strikes anyone’s mind then that is Kaspersky, the software has been actively serving in the market for a long time the software program has always been very effective in its workings also it has been very easy to be used.

Kaspersky not just limited to Kaspersky antivirus over the years the brand has got itself well developed into many versions discussing them all will only increase the confusion of the people. So, here as per the demand of the topic we will see all the information related to Kaspersky security cloud-free. In the blog, as we will move further we will see the features associated with it also we will see the downloading process and installation process of the same.

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What is Kaspersky security cloud-free?

The Kaspersky security cloud-free is a cloud-based antivirus version of Kaspersky that one can use for the efficient protection of the computer against viruses, the version of the software is not just limited to the PCs the software version is also very well compatible with Macs, and androids and also the IOS devices.

Features associated with the Kaspersky security cloud-free:

• App appearance configuration
• My Kaspersky
• App control
• Firewall
• Network Attack Blocker
• Anti- banner
• Anti- Spam
• Safe Money
• Private Browsing
• Webcam protection
• Privacy cleaner
• Network monitor
• Password Manager
• App Manager
• File Shredder
• Browser Configuration
• PC cleaner

Other than all the features that have discussed here there are many more, that are associated with the setup of this version of the software.

Now that we are done with the basic introduction of the software we shall further move to the procedures of downloading and installing the application on the system.

In order to get the app downloaded and installed in the right manner the user should follow the steps as given below:

• The user should open the official website of Kaspersky on the browser
• From the website, the user will have to get the Kaspersky installer downloaded
• Further through the help of the installer the user can easily get this version of Kaspersky downloaded and installed on the computer or whatever is the concerned device.

Downloading and installing software is not enough the user will also have to get the software activated, for that the user will have to follow another set of steps. As far as it is the Kaspersky security cloud-free there is nothing much that the user will have to do for the activation. But if the user wishes to switch to paid subscription then for that the user will have to follow a certain series of steps.

The user should follow the given steps in such a case:

• The user needs to open the user interface of the software
• From the main application, the user can click on “upgrade package”
• After choosing a package the user needs to click the option “buy now”
• The user will then have to wait for the buying process to complete

If other than all the information that has been provided here, the user feels the need to know more than in that case, the user should get connected with the team of technicians at Kaspersky toll-free service care number UK. The experts can also be reached for the required help through live chats and emails.