How to get a fix for some common Kaspersky activation issues?

Kaspersky is security software that is designed for protecting all the systems and devices around the globe from all types of malware, spyware, Trojans, viral attacks and a lot more. Providing this type of protection has become a matter of significance these days as technological advancement has made it easy for such elements to get into the system.

The software is popular among the users for its advanced technical set up and also for the effective protection measures it provides the system users with. The technical team sitting at Kaspersky Support is another reason that makes the software even more users friendly whenever the user gets into any sort of technical glitch.

Here we will particularly focus on some of the common activation errors that the user gets to face while trying to activate the software.

1- Exceeded maximum number of application copies – In order to fix this error the user needs to follow the given steps-

• Check the number of computers covered by the license.
• Get the license number increased through the Kaspersky E-store.

2-Activation code is invalid for this region – If you are seeing this error message on your display then to get it fixed it is advisable that you get the software activated in the same country from where you purchased it. If in case Kaspersky secure connection is enabled then also the user will get to face this error, therefore, it is advisable that the user gets the secure connection disabled. In order to disable Kaspersky secure connection, the user should follow the given steps-

• In the taskbar on the system type “Appwiz.cpl”
• Search for Kaspersky secure connection entry
• Right-click that entry and then click the un-install or change button.
• Click the “next” button twice and then click the “remove button”

3-The license does not apply to this application – If this is the error message displayed then to fix that –

• Get the latest version downloaded from the official Kaspersky website.
• Further, install the application.
• Try activating the software using the activation code.

If the error still does not get a fix then the user will have to submit a request for the support to the Kaspersky lab technical support.

4-Server activation error- If you are facing the server activation error then to get it fixed follows the given steps –

• Check that the system is not infected.
• Check the internet connection.
• Conduct a configuration of the firewall.
• Check the date and time on the system.
• You can then try to get the product activated after a while.

The blog covers all the issues and errors associated with the activation process but still if you are facing some other issue then reach at Kaspersky Customer Service Number UK and get the issue fixed under the guidance of the experts. The experts are available for help and support all the time they can also be reached through live chats or Emails.