Tips provided by kaspersky for using zoom safely

During this time of pandemic where most of the countries have implemented work from homes for the employees of the companies running there, also where the government is advising the citizens to maintain social distancing and to follow home quarantine in such times the zoom application is getting more and more popular among the people as it is allowing them to connect with each other by providing them with the video calling facility.

It is not that before zoom application it was not possible for the people to connect over a video call it was after all we are living in the 21st century but the zoom application has made it possible to connect with around 100 people at a time so this particular application has helped a lot of people with the smooth conduct of professional meetings online, the application is free to use all that is needed is an internet connection a device such as an android or a computer and an account created on the zoom application.

But the free version of the application only allows a meeting of 40 minutes and when it comes to professional working scenarios a meeting of 40 minutes may not be enough but even for those whom 40 minutes' time is not enough they can buy the paid version of the application. Though, one can easily reconnect the call once again for 40 minutes that is not really comfortable for everyone.

Also, people are seen repotting security issues associated with the use of the zoom application, for all such users here are the experts from Kaspersky service, they are here to provide the zoom application users with some simple tips to follow that would make the zoom application safe and secure for them.

Tips provided by kaspersky for using zoom safely

As per the Kaspersky experts, the user should keep in mind the given tips for using the zoom application with proper safety and security:

Basic account protection: The Zoom application account is also the same as the social media accounts or the email ID, therefore same ethics should be followed while creating a zoom account the password should be unique should not be shared with anyone and also the two-factor authentication should be enabled.

Register work Email- While creating an account on the zoom application the user should get registered with the email ID that is used at the workplace, if in case there is no email ID created for the workplace then the user is advised to use a burner account. This helps in the maintenance of secrecy about personal information.

Beware of the fake zoom apps- Researchers at Kaspersky service UK in their recent researchers have found out that many malicious programs are posing as popular applications like Zoom, they have therefore warned all the internet users to not fall prey to such programs as this may lead to leakage of sensitive data of the people also it may cause harms the performance of the computer. It is advised to download the Zoom application only through the trusted source of the app store or the Google play store.

Avoid using social media for link sharing – It is strongly recommended that if a public event is being planned to be conducted on Zoom then the person conducting it and the other people associated with it should not share the link of the event on the social media as there have been incidents reported recently, anti-social elements got access to the events through the links shared on social media and they used such events in a wrong way.

Password protected meeting- Perhaps the best way for conducting zoom meetings is to keep them password-protected, as a password-protected meeting will only be accessible to those who will have access to the password thus maintaining the privacy and security of all the people in the meeting.

Irrespective of the application that is in use most of the time the safety and security of the user lie in his or her, own hands and therefore, there are certain security measures that every internet user should keep in mind while using the internet for any purpose.