Troubleshooting procedure followed for fixing Kaspersky database update process stuck :

Kaspersky antivirus is the best in town at present for the protection of the computers as well as devices and also for the protection of the data and all the information that has been stored in them. It is so because of the advanced and updated technologies and the features of the software, the software very easily keeps the malware, spyware, Trojans, and also the viral attacks away from the systems and the devices.

All the procedures associated with the smooth workings of the software are very easy to be conducted such as the process of installation, reinstallation, or the uninstalling. Also, the user can easily get the software activated by following the proper steps. But software is not just about the procedures of installation, uninstalling, reinstalling, and the activation there is a lot more to it such as the software needs to get its virus definitions updated regularly to avoid entry of any sort of virus. The software will only be able to perform well against the viruses if it will be updated regularly.

It is this where the software users are often seen struggling with the process it is so because sometimes it happens that the Kaspersky database update stuck in between at a certain percentage. This problem generally occurs when there is some proxy server configuration related issue in order to get this issue resolved it is advised that the user scrutinizes the configuration settings at two places first of all the process should be done in the application option and the second one should get the browser settings checked.

Troubleshooting procedure followed for fixing  Kaspersky database update process stuck :

In order to configure the proxy settings accordingly in the applications option the user should follow the below-given steps:

• In the applications option, the user should open the settings menu.
• After that, the user should move to the additional section.
• Further, should click on “network.”
• And finally should click the option “Proxy server settings.”

The user can then make all the necessary changes in the proxy server settings and can get the problem resolved. It is also very much necessary to reconfigure the proxy server settings correctly as an incorrect configuration may further lead to other issues in order to avoid those issues the date and time settings of the software should always be kept updated.

Another possible reason for the issue of this Kaspersky antivirus software data update can be because of the default setting of the option “battery saving”. If the device is kept on the power saving mode then the battery consuming procedures like installation of updates and the virus scanning is stopped. So, as a fix to the problem the user should also get the battery saving option disabled.

By following all the advice given above the user will be able to get the problem associated with the software resolved, but if by any chance the user fails to get it done then in that case the user should get in touch with the experts at Kaspersky helpline number UK.