What are the built-in features of Kaspersky Endpoint Security?

Kaspersky has so many features and security tools in which endpoint security has become more popular and famous across the world. Well, Kaspersky has so many security features and tools but they are not that powerful to secure your business from the next-generation advanced and stubborn cyber threats.

Kaspersky Endpoint security is ideal for Windows is the most tested security suite in the world and it is the most awarded security application that is powered by the next-generation technologies to secure all of Windows endpoints and the data on them. We are here with the exact details of the built-in features of Kaspersky Endpoint Security which will protect you.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security is managed from a simple cloud-based console and it is available anytime, from any location, and doesn’t need an administrator’s device to be situated in the same network as the managed device. When the administrator logs into the console, there will be a dedicated Getting started page that will provide simple steps to secure company devices.

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Built-in Features of Kaspersky Endpoint Security

It is integrated with multi-layered and next-generation threat security with extra proactive technologies like Web, Application, and Device controls, vulnerability, data encryption, and patch into an EDR- ready endpoint agent with wide systems management toolkit. Kaspersky’s flagship product provides complete benefits and features that include-

• Safeguards your most precious business resources – your data, your reputations, and the business process continuity
• Ensures efficiency and it is easy to implement and manage from a single console with the unified policies
• Provides the best possible security for the customers as proven by independent tests
• Future-driven product development and research tactics and all technologies are developed in-built for true innovations and integration

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows can integrate with the Kaspersky EDR and Sandbox Optimum for powerful prevention detection and response capabilities.

Kaspersky EDR Optimum

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business can be boosted further with the advanced Kaspersky EDR Optimum. The Outcome is fully visible and the ability to apply root causes check for a comprehensive understanding of the corporate defenses corporate against advanced threats. The IT Security specialist is provided with the insights and information that is required for effective checking and fast and accurate response to the incidents before any damage will have there happened.

Kaspersky Sandbox

Kaspersky sandbox will protect you against advanced threats automatically as it is designed specifically to bypass endpoint security. Based on the dynamic threat emulation technology, Kaspersky sandbox takes the help of the best practices in integrating tough and stubborn threats and APT level attacks and ensures an automated response all across the endpoints.

Kaspersky Behavior Detection

Cybercriminals take the help of tools and scripts to gather administrator passwords to monitor infected hosts remotely. They also use trusted utilities to start the file-less attacks and making it impossible for the traditional security to block them. Kaspersky Behavior Detection secures against new, advanced threats, including ransomware. It conducts this by checking and detecting suspicious activity on the workstations, file servers, and shared folders, and by using behavior analysis to detect evolving threats and identify them by their actual behavior instead of their emulated activity at the intrusion prevention stage. If there is any attack detected then, the malware is blocked and automatic rollback opposites any malicious actions which have taken place already.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows instances can integrate with Endpoint Detection and Response Advanced, serving as its sensors on workstations and servers and it enabled large volumes of data to be grabbed and identified onshore, without impacting on the user productivity.

These are the exact features of Kaspersky Endpoint Security and it will definitely help you to keep your device safe and completely secure. This security software promises to provide powerful and tough security against cyber threats and viruses.

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