What are the causes and fixings for Kaspersky Total Security failure?

Kaspersky antivirus has so many features and security tools which are strong and capable enough for protecting your device against advanced viruses, malware, and possible threats. This security software is known for having powerful products in which Kaspersky Total Security is one of them. This security software suite is strongly recommended to install on your device for a smart and advanced security shield for your device.

Sometimes, you might get stuck when Kaspersky Total Security not working on your device, and in that case, you won’t be able to use its protection feature anymore. This is the time when your device goes under danger because there will be no shield, like Kaspersky Total Security 2021 which will protect you against any kind of unwanted bugs.

What are the causes and fixings for Kaspersky Total Security failure?

Reasons behind Kaspersky Total Security not protecting you

There are a few reasons/causes when your Kaspersky Total Security stops protecting you and we are here with all of them.

• Kaspersky Total Security not installed correctly
• There is no internet connection
• The device is infected with malware
• An old Kaspersky or Windows Version
• Damaged or corrupted Kaspersky Setup file

Resolution of Kaspersky Total Security protection failure

In case, if Kaspersky Total Security is not working on your device then, all you need to do is to follow a few steps by keeping the causes in mind and keep the device completely protected using this Total Security.

Incorrect Kaspersky Total Security Installation

If you just have installed Kaspersky Total Security on your device and it stops protecting you then, there might be a chance that you haven’t installed this security software on your device correctly. In such a case, all you need to do is to check the installation and then, run the setup file again to install it completely on your device.

Check Internet Connectivity

This is the very basic and obvious reason for this issue that there will be no internet connection and hence, Total Security is troubling you while protecting the device. In such a case, you should first and foremost check the internet connection by visiting a website on a trusted and fast browser. If the searches are loading very slowly or not loading then, contact the internet connection service provider for better fixing.

The device has Malware Infection

In case, if the device is infected with malware then, there will be no such security software that will work. There might be the same case with Kaspersky Total Security as it might stop working on your device. The device will the malware infection will be at high risk so, choose the best and reliable malware removal tool and conduct a complete scan of your device. After that, restart your device and try to use Kaspersky Total Security again.

An old Kaspersky or Windows Version

If Kaspersky Total Security is not working properly on your device then, you should check the current version of it. If the current version gets old then, you will need to install the updated one. After that, also check the windows version for the resolution and if you are using an old Windows version then, install all available updates and restart your PC to see if the error has fixed now.

Corrupted or Damaged Setup File

If the issue still persists then, the issue is only from the Kaspersky Total Security’s end and in that case, you should reinstall the Kaspersky antivirus because the issue won’t fix without reinstalling Kaspersky Total Security. For that,

• Download the Kaspersky Total Security installer from the official website of Kaspersky
• Now, remove Kaspersky Total Security by following a few steps or contact the Kaspersky Helpline Care for the better and quick removal procedure
• When the uninstallation is completed, restart your PC and then, you are ready to install Kaspersky Total Security again

These are a few fixings for Kaspersky Total Security is not protecting issue and follow the methods as given above. Contacting the technical experts of Yahoo is the best way to get a resolution of any error so contact them anytime you need help.