What are the exact resolutions for Kaspersky Error 1069?

Kaspersky antivirus is the best security software and it comes with excellent security tools that provide comprehensive protection to your device against viruses and malware. You might get stuck with Kaspersky Error 1069 due to which you cannot use Kaspersky antivirus for device protection.

Causes of Kaspersky Error 1069

• Provided an incorrect account password while configuring your service
• Modified the password of the account used by the service and didn’t updated this information in the service and hence receive Kaspersky Error 1069 which should be fixed

What are the exact resolutions for Kaspersky Error 1069?

Resolution for Kaspersky Error 1069

Method 1 – Edit the service application account

• Run the service and open the configuration window
• Now, find your service by double-clicking on it to open the properties by right-clicking on Properties

You also can edit the service account on the Log On tab and make sure to provide the exact password for the chosen account. If the Local System account radio option is chosen then, change it to This Account and choose the account by entering the correct password

Method 2 – Reset and Change the service account password

You can change the account password under the service which you run to fix this error –

• First of all, go to the Active Directory Computers and Users on your server device
• Find the account which is used by your service, right-click on it and select Reset Password from the shortcut menu
• Now, enter a new password and clear the option which allows the user to modify the password at the next logon

Method 3 – Change the Service Account Password in Active Directory

You will need to update the account credentials in your service and for that –

• Change the service account credentials manually in the properties of your service
• Reinstall the service by selecting the same account as you have used previously and provide the credentials
• You will need to choose a service account when you are done with the reinstallation procedure of a service

Now, you are all set with the resolution procedure of Kaspersky Error 1069 and this is the time to call Kaspersky Support phone help in case if the error still persists. Calling the technical experts is quite a smart decision because the experts are well known with the Kaspersky-related errors and issues and hence, they definitely will help you out with a possible resolution. The technicians are capable to deal with any error related to Kaspersky.