What are the quick ways to fix Kaspersky Error 1306?

Kaspersky antivirus comes first when the question is to protect your device against advanced viruses and malware. This security software has all those features that make it powerful enough for comprehensive protection. Kaspersky enhances the performance of your device and it might get you stuck sometimes with any technical error like Kaspersky Error 1306.

Usually, Kaspersky Error 1306 occurs with a hexadecimal number along with a technical description. There are some cases when the error might have different parameters in the hexadecimal format that indicates the memory location where the details were loaded at the error occurs.

What are the quick ways to fix Kaspersky Error 1306?

Resolution for Kaspersky Error 1306

• First of all, close all other programs
• You will need to close all other programs opened on your system
• After that, close your Kaspersky and then, re-open it

Close the Kaspersky at the very start and now, open the Kaspersky product doesn’t need to conduct many steps. You will need to follow a few steps given below.

• First of all, open the main windows of Kaspersky Internet Security 2021
• For that, click on the “Kaspersky icon” that appeared at the bottom-right side
• Now, navigate the leftover Registry Entries Key because it will help to fix the error 1306
• You will need to hold and press the “Windows logo + R key to spotting the “Run” dialogue box
• Now, enter the “Regedit” and then, go to HKEY_LOCAL_ SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Run
• You will need to stretch the “Run” and then, look for registry key avp**_post_uninstall and then, right-click on it
• Now, you are all set and now click on “Delete” and install the Kaspersky product

If the error still persists then, reinstallation will work more effectively

Re-installation of Kaspersky Antivirus

• First of all, uninstall the Kaspersky antivirus using the removal tool
• Then, create an installation package and go to Tasks
• Choose Kaspersky Security Center 10 Administration Server and install the application
• Then, Select Kaspersky Endpoint Security 10 for Windows
• After that, choose the check box Install Network Agent along with this application

You are all set with the resolution procedure and now, you are able to use Kaspersky antivirus on your device. Call on Kaspersky Service Number For help in UK in case if you think that you aren’t able to fix this error code even after following different troubleshooting steps.