What are the quick ways to fix Kaspersky Error 1618?

Kaspersky antivirus is the best security software program and it comes with excellent security tools for comprehensive protection against advanced viruses and malware. This security software has a simple interface that allows you to customize your subscription, activation, and update procedure as per your need. Kaspersky Error 1618 gets you stuck sometimes while installing it.

You can fix Kaspersky Error 1618 and the solution steps are quite tricky so it is recommended to follow a few steps given below to fix this issue.

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A Leftover Registry Key

The registry key can be created while uninstalling an older Kaspersky version and for some reason, this key gets left behind after a restart. You will need to remove a key called avp**_post_uninstall from the registry. The ** corresponds to a version number of the Kaspersky that never removed the key.

• Hold Win Key + R or Start and Run and then, type regedit and click on Ok • Locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run • Expand Run and find the registry key avp**_post_uninstall and right-click on the avp**_post_uninstall key and choose Delete • Now, try an install the Kaspersky product as normal and the error message has disappeared during install

Previous Security Traces

There might be a possibility that Kaspersky has got some traces of other security software which has previously installed on your device and now it is getting in the way and restrict the Kaspersky installation. At that stage, it is advisable to remove all those traces because they still can cause the installation failure issue.

Now, download and run the AppRemover Executable and then, wait for the results of the system scan. If there is any security software traces are detected then, you will have the chance to choose them for the removal and after a restart, you can try to install the Kaspersky again.

System Cache File

This solution has been known to conduct in various cases and is also noted in a Kaspersky help page. The issue can be caused by INFACACHE.1 that could contain damaged and corrupted information. INFCACHE is widely used for saving information about the drives and the inf file locations.
Follow the above-given steps to fix the error 1618 and call on Kaspersky Support UK and get instant assistance from the technical experts in case if you think that the issue still persists.