What is included in Kaspersky Safe kids?

Kaspersky antivirus is the best security software that comes with excellent protection tools and features. Kaspersky Safe Kids is a multi-platform solution that offers protection for your children. You must have a My Kaspersky Safe Kids and if you don’t have an account then, you can create one right away. You can just install Kaspersky Safe Kids on Android, Windows, Mac, and iOS devices. After installing the application, you’ll initially get the free version with a limited number of features. For using all the features of the application, activate the premium version with an activation code for Kaspersky Safe Kids or Kaspersky Total Security. To keep your kids safe and secure, it has become essential to use Kaspersky's contact for kids. It comes with outstanding features through which you can easily:

What is included in Kaspersky Safe kids?

• Control the time your child spends on their device
• Receive detailed reports on the online activity of your child
• Limit the time your child can play games or use social networks
• Monitor the activity of your child on the social networks
• Control the installation of the applications
• Set access rules for applications and websites
• Get information about the location and be notified when they leave the allowed area
• View information about the battery status of the device of your child

How to change protection rules?

• First of all, open My Kaspersky and enter your credentials
• Go to the Kids tab ad choose the child’s profile and click on Rules
• Choose the section you like to modify:

Social networks: Enable gathering the statistics on the actions of your child on your Facebook

Internet: In this section, you can enable safe search and gathering statistics on the visited websites, configure riles to access websites by categories and add exclusions

Device Usage: Set the time limit of the device usage

Calls and SMS Enable: Gathering the statistics on the calls and messages of your child

Application Configure: Application usage rules by categories and add exclusions. Limitations by application categories are available only on Mac, Windows, and Android devices

Features of Kaspersky Safe Kids

Get started on PC, Mobile, and Mac:

• Kaspersky Safe Kids come with an app for your child and a parent app that get connected through your My Kaspersky account
• An app on the device of your kid helps you to regulate the activities of the child
• An app on your mobile allows you to see the reports and customize settings
• You also can manage the app settings of your child and check reports through your My Kaspersky account

How to keep the kids safe online?

• It allows blocking access to the adult content and websites
• It blocks harmful YouTube search requests on topics such as alcohol and drugs
• It helps you to manage access to inappropriate apps and games
• It allows you to manage their screen time by device
• Shares the expert advice as well as tips from the child psychologists on the online topics
• Reports on their public Facebook activity, including their posts and advanced added friends

Application Control: The Major Key for having Kaspersky Kids Safe

Safe Kids has the capability to monitor and block the individual applications on all platforms, albeit with some of the limitations on iOS. One feature which actually works with iOS is its capability to bock the access to the apps or games on their age ratings. Microsoft Family provides similar functionality on the PCs. The application control works in two distinct ways. First of all, you can select to block the access to all apps matching any of 16 categories, or those who category is unknown. Among the categories are File Sharing, Online Shopping, Games, and Social Media. One good touch is that you can select the application list by these categories for simple and easy management. Call on Kaspersky Helpline UK Service to get connected with the technicians for instant and reliable help to get it on your app or to know more about this app.