What is Kaspersky Error 499 and how to fix it?

Kaspersky antivirus has excellent features to protect your device and it sometimes gets you stuck with some of its technical errors. The technical error cannot be fixed easily and for that, you will need to follow a few resolution steps. When you see Kaspersky Error 499 on your device then, your device will no longer be protected.

To keep your device completely protected, it is recommended to apply a few troubleshooting steps to get rid of Kaspersky Error 499. We are here with the exact resolution steps which are given below.

How to get instant fixing for Kaspersky Error 50?

Resolution for Kaspersky Error 499

To get instant resolution of Kaspersky Error 499, you will need to log in as an Administrator before conducting the steps:

• First of all, press and hold the Windows key and R simultaneously
• Type the Command “firewall.cpl” so that you can open Windows Firewall
• After that, check if there is everything is appeared as green
• If the firewall screen appears in red then, do whatever prompts on the screen
• Click on the option “Allow an app or feature via Windows Firewall” or “Allow a feature or program through Windows Firewall”
• Now, click on “Change Settings” and check if iTunes is chosen under both categories public or private networks
• Check if there is “Bonjour” chosen only for Private Networks and click on the “Allow another app/program”
• If you aren’t able to navigate iTunes, use the browser option and go to the location which you will find in “C:/Program Files/iTunes.” And choose iTunes.exe
• After choosing the app and adding it to the list, it is advisable to click on the Ok button
• Now, close the Windows Firewall and apply any Windows Update to make sure the computer is updated
• Check if there is any driver software programs that are missing or outdated

Restart Apple Mobile Service

• Close the iTunes and any devices that are connected to the PC
• Press the Windows key and R simultaneously and after that, enter the command “services.msc”
• When the Service list window gets opened then, it is advisable to browse the list to get “Apple Mobile Device Service” option
• Right-click on the “Apple Mobile Device Service” and then, navigate “All Tasks” and click on the Restart

Follow the above-given steps and fix the error code 499 and call on Kaspersky Help UK and get in touch with the experts for any assistance regarding the resolution.