What is Kaspersky Safe Money and how to enable or disable it?

Kaspersky antivirus is one such software setup that has been into the workings of protecting the computers and also the devices from all the different types of unwanted dangerous elements such as malware infection, spyware, Trojans, and also the viral attacks. There are various brands offering the same protection and safety for computers and devices. But still, over, all those brands Kaspersky is one such software that is preferred it is so because there are many advanced technologies and also there are many latest features associated with the setup of the Kaspersky brand.

Features associated with Kaspersky antivirus software are as follows:

• Data protection
• Data backup
• Password Manager
• Data Encryption
• Network Monitor
• Application Activity
• Auxiliary Tools

What is Kaspersky Safe Money and how to enable or disable it?

Enable Kaspersky Safe Money

There are various reasons due to which you should immediately enable Kaspersky safe money in the Kaspersky internet security! First of all, it provides an additional layer of protection when you are using your confidential stud like payment. That way, threats, and hackers will not be into your activities very much. Exactly at that time, you can overcome phishing attacks, as the URL is loaded from the trusted and official website of the Kaspersky database.

Therefore, if you want to make all your payments stronger and secure then, you should enable this feature. Specifically, if you are in a cyber café or using a shared computer then, it is the time when you should install Kaspersky on the system so that you can ensure that your personal data will be safe and secure with the help of Kaspersky Safe Money.

Why one should have Kaspersky Safe Money?

Well, there is no doubt that Kaspersky Safe Money is quite useful and hence, it can be quite annoying sometimes. You know that nothing is actually perfect and there are some issues in Safe Money also. First of all, in this scenario, the browser isn’t that much quicker and specifically when compared to Firefox or Chrome. Therefore, you might have to face some lagging at times and another issue is that you have to add particular URLs once you want to open those sites by using Kaspersky Safe Money.

Disable Safe Money in Windows

The following steps are screenshots are based on Kaspersky Internet Security 2016 and the procedure for other Kaspersky Internet Security versions might be slightly different.

• First of all, open Kaspersky Internet Security main window just by double-clicking on the icon that appears in the notification area of the taskbar
• If you are using the Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 then, click on the Settings icon and open the Settings dialog
• Click on the Protection tab that appears on the left-pane of settings and switch to the same
• Now, look for the entry named Safe Money and then, change the toggle switch position that appears next to the same to disable/off position to turn off the Kaspersky Safe Money feature and turn on/enable the Kaspersky Safe Money
• After disabling Kaspersky Safe Money, you will not be able to open the webpage in a protected mode whenever you open any payment website

Follow the above-given steps to enable or disable the Safe money feature of Kaspersky and call on Kaspersky Help UK to contact the technical experts for any assistance. The technical experts are available all time and hence they will help you out.