What is Vulture Malware and how does Kaspersky deal with it?

Nowadays, Android Smartphones are attacked by malware frequently and the way to overcome it is to install Mobile Security software on Android devices. According to the latest news on Malware and Mobile security, there is malware that is recording the screen. The name of that malware is “Vulture” and this malware is found by the information security firm names ThreatFabric. Recently, this malware has been found in Australia, Italy, Spain, and Britain and it targets a large number of users.

Because malware is free to attack and target your PC, so there is no doubt that it can target your Smartphone as well. This malware targets Facebook, and WhatsApp along with CryptoCurrency apps. According to the malware report, this malware is installed on Android Smartphone users through the dropper which is found in the Fitness apps or Mobile Security Authenticator apps. These few are also available on the Play Store.

What is Vulture Malware and how does Kaspersky deal with it?

About Vulture Malware –

This malware is dangerous because it is recording the screen of the users and it means that every activity on your Mobile device is recording. After recording, it has been sent to the hacker that will affect the user’s privacy. It means that the Cyber Attackers misuse the user’s private information and to stay against this malware, it is recommended to install Kaspersky Mobile Security. Let’s move ahead with a few prevention tips against this Vulture malware.

Prevention against Vulture Malware –

According to ThreatFabric, Android users can detect Vulture malware because when this malware starts uploading data on the server, there will be a cast screen icon appeared on the top of the Mobile Device. Through this, you can get to know that your data is sending to somewhere else.

Apart from this, if you have installed Kaspersky Mobile Security on your Smartphone device then, you will be completely secured against it because it has the capability to detect almost all dangerous and stubborn malware and virus. It will scan your device against such unwanted bugs and if any are found then, it will alert you and take strong action against them.

We will discuss a few outstanding features and security tools of this Kaspersky Mobile Security that will fight against such Malware, viruses, or unwanted bugs. Let’s move ahead with a few of them and then we will discuss them in detail.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android Devices-

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android will provide Lab’s latest mobile security technologies of Kaspersky antivirus that includes excellent anti-theft protection and Android antivirus. it is easy-to-use and it is the single solution that is optimized to provide excellent protection to both Android and Smartphones from Internet Security viruses and threats with less impact on the device’s performance.

The Anti-Spyware technologies will allow you to know if there is any spyware that might be detecting your calls and messages or getting any sneaky updates on where you are and all of the activities of yours. Therefore, it is simpler for you to stop the snoopers spying on your private life, and for that, you should install Kaspersky antivirus.

Find the Lost Android Device using Kaspersky

If your phone is stolen or lost, then the Kaspersky Anti-Theft feature will be operated remotely so that, you can get an alarm sound activated on your phone and take a ‘mugshot’ photo of the person who is recently using your device. The Anti-Theft features also help to lock your phone and find the location and conduct the full reset to ensure that your confidential data is removed from your device.

Securing Privacy on Smartphone

This has become a trend that people don’t want to receive your phone to get access to the details about the private communications, and hence, Internet Security for Android makes it simple for you to do a few things which are mentioned below:-

• Control the things which people can see and what can they access when they hold or they use the Android Smartphone
• Hide contacts, calls, logs, and text messages with just a click

Preserve More of Android Device’s Performance

Severe security doesn’t have to sap the performance of the devices so that Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is mandatory because:

• It lessens the impact on the Android Smartphone or Tablet performance by providing small, and frequent updates
• Helps to preserve performance and enhance the ease of use through an optimized product interface

Secure Data If Android Device is Stolen or Lost

Because Mobile Devices can be easily lost or stolen, so you will need to ensure the private data that is stored on the Android tablet or smartphone is secured. Kaspersky Internet Security for Android devices secures the data by:

• Enabling remote cleaning of the missing tablet or smartphone so that you can clear personal information from the device
• Blocking the access to the missing Android Smartphone or Tablet and also finds the location by using Wi-Fi, GPS, and Google Maps
• Helping to detect un-authorized users of the Android Tablet or Smartphone by taking their photos and by sending them to you
• Providing remote activation of an alarm which will sound on your Mobile device unless the alarm is deactivated with the secret code
• Enabling the remote access to block, locate, and wipe functions on the missing Android Smartphone even in case if SIM Card has been changed
• Providing Remote Anti-Theft web management so that you can easily interact with the missing device

You will need to know about the Vulture Malware and Kaspersky can deal with it with the help of its security features and tools.