What to do new Microsoft update conflicting Kaspersky workings?

Kaspersky antivirus sometimes appears like a tricky software as it has a lot of technicalities and many advanced features added with it, the users of the software often face troubles while installing it or reinstalling the software also the users are seen struggling with problems during the activation but all of these are basic issues and they can be handled very easily by the users themselves.

But sometimes the users of Kaspersky antivirus software face problems with the updates not just with the installation of updates on the software but also if the operating system gets updated then it sometimes starts creating conflicts with the workings of the software. As per the Kaspersky Customer Care, the latest update of Microsoft is conflicting with the Kaspersky rescue disk.

When this issue was reported to Microsoft their technicians then did some changes and the latest Kaspersky rescue disk is now free from the conflict but the old one is still conflicted and therefore that can be misused. In order to fix this old rescue disk conflict, the user will have to add the Kaspersky keys to the UEFI Revocation list file. This file will further get the secure boot forbidden signature database updated.

The Microsoft update that is in talks here was introduced in the Windows 10 operating system in order to provide resolution for a security issue but as the users came up with the complaints the new update was then taken back. Some users reported system restarting issue after the installation of the update also some users faced the problem that they were signed in through temporary profiles.

Microsoft then came up with an update on the issue that the technicians are working over the improvements until then those users who are facing problems with it they can get it removed.

What to do new Microsoft update conflicting Kaspersky workings?

In order to uninstall the update from the Windows operating system the user should follow the below-given steps:

• The user should enter “Update history” in the Windows 10 search box and then the user should click the option “View your update history.”
• Then on the page that appears the user should click on the option “uninstall updates”
• The control panel will then open an uninstall an update dialog box
• Then from the Microsoft windows setting the user should choose the update that is to be removed and then at the top of the list of updates the user should click on the uninstall button.

Once all the above steps are done then the user should get the system restarted in order to get the process of uninstalling completed. As this particular update has already been removed from the servers of Microsoft therefore, the user doesn’t need to take any extra measures in order to get it blocked.

The users will be automatically notified by Microsoft as and when a revised update will be available for the replacement of this conflicting update.

If the user still, needs to know anything more or if there is any other Kaspersky antivirus issue that needs a fix then, in that case, it is advised that the user gets connected with the certified and well-trained team of experts the team is available at Kaspersky Service UK. Other than that the user can also connect with the technicians through live chats and emails there is no such issue related to the software that cannot be provided a resolution by the experts also these experts can be contacted easily as per the comfort of the users as the lines are open 24*7 and the experts are also available through live chats and emails.