Why there is slow scanning of Kaspersky on my device?

Slowing down is always a big issue for every PC or Smartphone user. Everyone wants to be fast in their life but what to do if their device is performing slowly. Well, every slow device has its own reason and the users have to address that error and fix it to optimize the PC performance. Kaspersky antivirus is the best security software that is designed specifically to boost up the device’s speed. Commonly devices perform slowly in case of malware infection and Kaspersky has the power to scan it and remove it from the device.

Kaspersky antivirus has scanning tools that will enhance the performance of the device and hence people love to use it for their fast work with their fast PC. A slow PC will be so annoying and hence, install Kaspersky on your device and do whatever you want to do. You only need to run the Kaspersky scanner on your device from time to time and make sure that you are not using your PC at that time because the scanning procedure might slow down your PC for a while.

Why there is slow scanning of Kaspersky on my device?

But what will happen if Kaspersky Full Scan taking a long time Well, this will be very irritating because people love to work on a fast PC and hence, they chose to scan their device for possible bug removal. But here, Kaspersky is taking too long to scan your device, and hence, you won’t be able to work at the scanning time because it will slow down your device (as we already discussed).

Resolution for Kaspersky Full Scan taking a long time

There are lots of reasons behind this error and we are here with all of the possible reasons and their troubleshooting steps.

Slow internet connection

Whether it is to search for anything on the internet or playing a game, a fast PC with a good internet connection always amazes you while working or playing. The same goes in this case, if there is no network connection then, you might not be able to use your Kaspersky for scanning fast. A full scan with Kaspersky usually takes 96 minutes and it hasn’t a considerable impact on the system performance, but if this Kaspersky Scanning is taking too longer than the general time then, there might be possible that you have chosen something nasty that is killing Kaspersky. You might want to attempt the scanner from safe mode. It is advisable to restart your device by closing all background running applications and try to scan again.

Any setup file of Kaspersky has damaged

Kaspersky antivirus is designed specifically for device security and it scans your device to make it run faster. In case if any of the installation setup files of Kaspersky has been corrupted or damaged then, Kaspersky might take too long to scan. In such a case, there are only two options left behind and that is to uninstall and then, reinstall Kaspersky antivirus and run the full scan again.

Low storage space on the device

If there is low storage space available on the device then, whether it is using an application, game, or running a full scan, your device will perform slowly. In such a case, all you need to do is to go to the Windows Task Bar and then, search for the Disk Cleanup tool. When you find it then, click on it and follow the prompt to clean up the disk space of your device. When it is done then, try to scan your device again using Kaspersky.

These are a few most common reasons behind Kaspersky scanning too longer to scan issues. in case, if you have followed all of the same but still it is taking too long then, contact Kaspersky phone Care UK and get in touch with the experts. They only have the answers to this issue and they will definitely help you out.